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'bob' the Home Daycare Manager

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With your purchase of 'bob' the Child Care Manager you can be assured that your centre will benefit from the many organizational and timesaving features.

We have worked closely with many child care facilities to ensure that the organizational basics and the most requested features have been included. We also continue to scrutinize client requests to ensure that only those requirements that are good for the majority of our clients are included in our quarterly software updates. Specific requirements can be included by our development team as custom programming.

Updates are posted quarterly and are available to FoTech Subscribers either via download or on CD.

We have listed a few of the features of 'bob' the Child Care Manager below to give you a better understanding of the power behind the program.

Unlimited Family/Child records.


 Feature List Minimize

Registration Wizard

A step-by-step interview to help you enter your Family, Parent, and Child data. Sample [PDF]

Family Tree

A visual representation of your families with color coded parent and child icons for quick-click access. Sample [PDF]

Family/Child Search

Finding a family member is easy with the 'intellisense' locate as you type search functionality. Sample [PDF]

Data Compartments

Only the data you want to see is displayed.  Single click access to personal, medical, immunization, and much more. Sample [PDF]

Visual Child Alerts

Graphical displays alert you to potential issues with a child's Allergies, Immunizations, Medical Conditions, and Extra Support needs. Sample [PDF]

Program Scheduling

Easily view morning and afternoon attendance schedules for a given Program.    Sample [PDF]

Automated Billing

Billing in minutes, not days. Quickly view and create invoices. The Billing Forecast feature dynamically calculates revenue pictures for any period giving you an advanced financial picture. Sample [PDF]

Receiving Payments

Quickly enter payments from parents and instantly print a reciept if required.  Financial family statements are a snap. Sample [PDF]

Reporting Suite

Over 100 parameterized reports so you can filter and pinpoint the data you need on each report.  All reports are viewed on your computer screen to save paper.  If you like the report you see on the screen, just send it to the printer. Sample [PDF]

Attendance Module   

Optional Attendance record keeping.  Although 'bob' does not require attendance entries, you can use this method for hourly billing families. Sample [PDF]

Sign In/Out Kiosk

Parents/Guardians can sign-in or sign-out their children themselves with this  easy to use computer interface.  The Kiosk reports provide attendance reporting to the nearest minute. Sample [PDF]



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